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Affordable & Drugstore Skincare Products Under $20 To Add to Your Daily Routine

 What is your definition of beauty?Hey guys, welcome back, it's sidd  So we've made many blog on skincare products like reviews of the most hyped brands, reviews of affordable dupes. Well, we get a lot of messages asking if there were more affordable skin care products that's easily found in drugstore or retail stores. So today we've partnered up with Walmart to share some of our favorite affordable products because there's a lot of great skincare at the drugstore and it doesn't mean just because we pay a lot that it's good. And the same goes with just because something is less expensive doesn't mean it's not gonna work and I think today is a really good example. I was actually really surprised with a lot of these products. Half of them, I feel like we loved already or we already know of.

 The other half I was thoroughly impressed with. Generally, I really loved CeraVe and Bioderma is a like classic and then some other ones especially the cleaner brands that have kind of entered the drugstore, I was really excited to try. As per usual we'll go from cleansing and the beginning of our skincare routine all the way to like masks and even hair products. A little bonus. The first thing is a CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser for normal to dry skin. This has such a unique texture that (: it's almost like a moisturizer) it's like a moisturizer It's like you're putting moisturizer on your face, but then it's actually a face wash.

So it's very gentle, it's fragrance free. It's very good for people with sensitive skin. The only drawback for me is that it doesn't remove makeup. That's true because it's so gentle I mean, it's pros and cons, right? Because if you were probably to use this, you'd go in with something like a micellar water or a cleansing balm prior and then follow through with this really gentle. I think what this stands out as is, you know, those cleansers that are too stripping they have too many alcohols, there's like you can literally feel all your face is being washed away? This just feels like it's a gentle cleanse. There's a blend of three essential ceramides.

 Ceramides are basically, they act as glue that holds your skin cells together and protect against environmental factors. There's also hyaluronic acid which is very very hydrating and nourishing. And I think with CeraVe products they all have these three essential ceramides in *all* their moisturizers and cleansers. I think that's what they're like known for This is a really good daytime like morning face wash if you want because you just put on a bunch of products on your face when you go to bed to (when you) wake up, you don't need anything that's too harsh or stripping to wash your face. 

So this is perfect I think for the morning and at night, like Felicia said earlier you can first go in with micellar water or some sort of cleansing balm and then use this as the second step of double cleansing. So then the one that I picked up is the Cetaphil daily facial cleanser and this one's for normal to oily skin. They have a dry skin version as well. So similar to CeraVe, I feel like after using this it is slightly fragranced. Do you smell it? Ro: smells like childhood It does! It's like a very kind of O.G. cleansing scent. So it says it removes excess oil without drying, is non-comedogenic, non-irritating. I think with a lot of the drugstore brands they do really well in formulating very sensitive and gentle products so that everyone can kind of use it.

 And I think that's a pro for the drugstore because they are kind of marketing to the masses. This one foams so it's very similar to the medicated La Roche-Posay one, which I really love and it's just, like, yeah foams nicely into a froth and then when you wash it off it definitely isn't stripping, it's not too harsh. It doesn't feel like there's chemicals on my face. And so it's just an enjoyable, like, day and night, I feel. So sodium laureth sulfate is derived from coconut and it's a gentle cleansing agent, which is okay for most people, but obviously not every ingredient works for everyone, and on top of that there's sodium lauryl sarcosonate. 

Which is a derivative which is made from fatty acids of caffeine, and it's used as the gentle foaming agent and surfectant that helps to bind to oil and the dirt on your skin so that it can be rinsed away really gently. So the ingredients in this is very gentle. How does this compare to most cleansers you've been using? Like, what's your go-to cleanser? Go-to cleanser is the La Roche-Posay and I would say this is like very similar. Yeah, and they both kind of do the same thing. 

This one's probably a little bit more foaming, actually.and then removes makeup? Because I use waterproof mascara, so nothing will take off waterproof mascara because it's wax based so you need like a cleansing balm or micellar water to really like dissolve that. Apart from that you get light BB cream off the face or if you're just wearing a powder and a bit of concealer, , so this is the O.G. Bioderma recently what I've been doing in the morning instead of using like one of these cleanses is just using a micellar water and because the micellar water has a very interesting structure the micelles bind to oil and water. 

It's at both ends of the tail. It's different It's very gentle in kind of you know, when you wake up with a face of grease especially now that it's summer Summerrrrr Sweat and just putting this on a cotton pad and just like swiping it all over the face That's all I do for cleansing and it saves so much time. So it's really good And do you find that that's more like your skin reacts better like the rest of your days like you're fine And yeah, not producing oil? Fel: No if anything it's like much better So for oily, combination, or even dry, I think you can definitely do this It's changed my morning routine, people! If I'm wearing a lot of makeup when I had this I will use this as the first step and then I'd go in with something like  Press it over (eyes), press it over (lips) Ro: hold it for 30 seconds and stir gently And you don't have to rinse afterwards So it's like a good on-the-go Especially if you're in the gym or like exercising So in this there's also cucumber fruit extract which contains antioxidants It's anti-inflammatory And it also helps to condition skin to make it feel soft And then there's also mannitol which is a humectant to help condition the skin.

 So once again, it is very nourishing It's very good Next moving on to the Derma-e purifying daily detox scrub with activated charcoal I actually used this a long time ago when I first started getting into Derma-e. It was one of their like Original ranges before they even did any sort of repackaging Have you tried it? I have. So I feel like in general derma is just a very like natural, safe Gentle friend. they package themselves. You know, no GMO, gluten free, soy free Recyclable, cruelty free, and they're all just about the natural ingredients that you can use every day So this one includes marine algae extracts as well as charcoal. So what I don't like about this anymore is because, I'm fine with scrub granules But this is a little bit too big for my liking. So like there's apricot seed kernals that's used in scrubs that are very fine, like superfine Kylie skincare Yeah but this one you can like just see So I don't really enjoy it just for that fact because it's huge. 

If I want a really good exfoliation I would rather use chemical exfoliants. It is gentle enough to use everyday. It's just personally I don't use scrubs as much anymore (Ro: physical exfoliant) (Fel: Yeah) So in this cleanser, there's aloe vera extract It's like the first, the very first. Organic aloe It's an anti-inflammatory and it soothes the skin and the fact that it's the first ingredient, to me, that's great And another one of the key ingredients that gives it that ashy gray color is the Charcoal powder. When charcoal powder is used in skincare, it can potentially help to absorb and draw oils and dirt from the pores especially for oily skin. You'll see a lot of charcoal in the ingredients because it acts as a Magnet to draw dirt. Although how well that actually works, it's different for everyone, but I like using it in masks. Next is serums. 

So when I saw this I was really excited because I think what the drug store lacks are serums Because serums are usually the most expensive product in the skincare routine because it is packed and potent. Full of ingredients and active ingredients that are supposed to help with specific concerns So we have two here from Instant Natural. And the first one is the skin brightening serum And then there's also the hyaluronic acid serum So at first when I first got this I was like, oh it's so cute this serum is like a pink beige-y color but when you actually Look at it and open it. It's this like carrot.  its carrot juice-looking) or carrot color Yeah, which I think it's so fascinating. So basically there's just like a coating inside the Bottle to protect it because there's vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, alpha arbutin, and niacinamide so for the vitamin C since it is very very So what I love about this is all of these four ingredients that are listed: the vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, alpha arbutin, niacinamide They're all known for skin brightening and there's also turmeric root extract in this which is probably what gives it that Really bright orange color. 

So everything about this is soothing for inflammation as well as brightening and Yeah, but I love that it's quite lightweight So the first ingredient was the aloe leaf juice Which is very prominent in the texture, very nice and refreshing and then there's also sodium ascorbyl phosphate Which is the derivative of vitamin C So if you've watched our vitamin C video, you'll know vitamin C has a lot of different derivatives because it is very unstable So what the derivatives are, it just stabilizes it a little and it's not as potent as the pure L ascorbic acid but it's much better for people with sensitive skin, and then you know how sometimes Brightening products or vitamin C products may tingle a little This one doesn't tingle it up at all and I have minor eczema on my skin and it's not Inflaming it in any way. 

And then we also have a blog on niacinamide, which is my favorite ingredient actually So we'll link that up and we won't go too much into it And there's also a licorice root extract and it is widely known to help lighten dark spots in the skin due to glabridin, which is licorice, to start antioxidant that helps to inhibit melanin production. There's also ubiquinone which is also known as CoQ10 and it's a strong antioxidant that helps to fight off signs of aging and neutralizing free radicals. We just did a video about this as well Then also the turmeric, which is a natural antioxidant that's been used for thousands of years across many different cultures and I drink it. You can use it on topically. If you're trying to do a DIY do not put too much of the turmeric powder cause it will stain your skin Just like how it stains your chopsticks. Yeah and stains basically everything it has all the right stuff Next is The Instant Natural hyaluronic acid serum. There's vitamin C as well, green tea extract, jojoba oil and aloe vera This serum is a lot more It's not as sticky The aloe is still like making it a little tacky, but it's not like goopy. Oh, I love this smell My hand is just a concoction of smells So for the vitamin C, well you know the benefits of vitamin C so let's just skip over that for now. 

There's green tea leaf extract, which is rich in antioxidants and prevents loss of skin elasticity and damage from the sun. It also has ginkgo leaf extract, which has a high concentration of antioxidants to help reduce free radicals and prevent aging in the skin, but also soothe and calm and hydrate Which is everything that we want and not many products I've seen have ginkgo leaf extract. It's quite a beautiful leaf. It's like that yellow like fan shade. I should say gingko reminds me of gecko It's so cute. It's totally irrelevant. Like a gecko Sign up the Geico So we just started using these two serums and I have to say I'm very very pleasantly surprised Fel: you can use it day and night But just with anything with vitamin C you want to wear your sunscreen as per usual, but it's so gentle it doesn't sting It doesn't have that chemical exfoliating feel on the skin. So really good for those of you who want a hydrating serum, who are Wanting to brighten the skin and just like yeah, it's your everyday kind of serum. Next is this CeraVe skin renewing cream serum since there's retinol. Take it away Fel Actually, this is really interesting because it's almost exactly the same. My hands are so moisturized from all of these I can't even open the cap and they're like sweaty It's exactly the same dispense a pump as the Obagi Retinol so I really love it. 

Like so cute. It's like a little Obiwan Kenobi This is something very new that I haven't come across for drug store, especially serum slash Moisturizer with encapsulated retinol. So the thing with retinol, we all know, is that it can be super potent It's drying but this one's formulated with less than 1%. But also it's got CeraVe's like three Concoction ceramide formula which helps to moisturize the skin so that it doesn't leave it crackling, flakey, irritated and what retinol does is really help with things like Breakouts as well because it calms the pours down and controls the sebum, but it also regenerates a lot of cell renewal So that's why it's called skin renewing cream serum I think it's great that it's good for your skin barrier and at the same time. It's helping your skins renew Yeah, skins renews like you have multiple skins. It's helping your skin renew. Oh, yeah, and after using it, it's very gentle it is like super gentle So for those of you who are just starting out with retinol I think this is actually the perfect entry even the Paula's Choice 1% with retinol. 1% is already a lot and that will cause a lot of Flaking and drying. 

This is already formulated with all the nourishing ingredients Including things like vitamin E or chalk a ferrule (???) as well as niacinamide and hyaluronic acid working in conjunction with the retinol so, very hydrating. Now moving on to moisturizers You can tell we love CeraVe but also it's because these two particularly have a lot of reviews. A lot of GOOD reviews So first starting with the am. The am facial moisturizing lotion with sunscreen has broad-spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizers throughout the day and helps to store protective skin barrier. So again, three essential ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic awesome (acid) Both: awesome Hyaluronic acid and it is oil free. So my only thing with this is that it's very white It's like that though. You need to work girls and she's already got really fair skin and if it's already white on fair skin, I have no hope This is just like gentle working and then when you do this after like a few you know strokes or a few rounds of... ...blending. Like by now, it should be blended. But okay, that's only using one finger.

 I'm gonna use two fingers to To double the blending. Fel: You see like because I also have olive skin it's just harder to work with these mineral sunscreens when you have Tan skin or if you're gonna even wear makeup on top of it and cover it, that should be fine Yeah, but what I love about this is that it's oil-free so it's not greasy and white which is kind of like what you would associate with very Traditional lifeguard sunscreen. Bodyguard, no, not bodyguard Lifeguard At the pool (or at the beach) (It's) designed to be used as a moisturizer, not like use a moisturizer and then apply a sunscreen And I really love that CeraVe includes niacinamide in Most of their products actually. 

Is this comes out as like more of a gel consistency It glides so nicely across your skin It's like your hands are just ice-skating across your--  and for nighttime, especially in the summer now I really enjoy these lightweight kind of soft plush textures for this. It absorbs so quickly. It's like my skin just like I'm done This also has their three ceramide concoction as well as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, once again, because I have niacinamide in everything Niiiiiice Our skin tends to get really dehydrated if you're not hydrating it enough So this is really good at night Especially when paired with a humidifier Because the humidifier fills your air. Just live somewhere humid during the summertime and leave your window open No, no mosquitoes will come in, don't do that! And I think this has a lot of good reviews Yeah across the board people leave so many for every product which is really helpful when you're fact researching One note aside from all of this: I was very surprised with how much k-beauty products they had And even high-end! They sell La Mer! Both: Wow! So, there's something for everyone. Next we're moving on to facial treatments! The first thing we're gonna talk about is this Olay clay mask that's in like a deodorant stick form, which I found so amusing and I was like I really want to try this if all things I want to see if it works It's kind of like gimmicky. Fel: you should swap it out for someone's deodorant, like masking their pits But then the white charcoal might help absorb But then it you might also get it (Fel: would just be like sticky) because all the toxins will go back into your skin Because you leave it on for too long. But anyway, this stick comes in white charcoal. So it's white There's also a darker charcoal color and a pink clay. So the good thing about these masks I think it's they're not drying when you Spread it all over your face. It's not the type of clay masks that will dry to desert crackles It glides on very smoothly. This is probably the quickest application of a mask I'll ever Dude. I'm a fan. Fel: It's so smooth because I'm used to very thick clay masks. This one is thin So it's not like overly drying. Yeah, because when I used to talk a lot about the clay masks So I was like never use it for dry skin because you're already lacking sebum and oils and all that But I think this is more catered towards like combo dry So for this one There's kaolin clay and clay is extremely gentle to use. It has mild exfoliating properties and it won't overly dry out your skin There's also a charcoal powder which is another ingredient that can help to absorb oils and draw out the dirt in your pores. All in all, I really like the the idea of this but the actual effectiveness of it (Fel: It's like you didn't really feel anything) No, I didn't see too much brightening I didn't see my pores visibly, like, the appearance of my pores are still the same like (Fel: It's like eeeeh) Let's stick with my glow recipes or even the Derma-e. The Derma-e charcoal face mask is really good too. I think it's in the same line as. This it has the same color cap Yeah, I don't know about like the applicator in general How would I get into these nooks and crannies. So that's the thing like it's kind of hard. You can use like the side of it to really try to get it like This is the Found skincare I haven't heard of this. I think it's a either a Walmart in-house brand or a brand that's exclusively sold at Walmart It was one of those very affordable but natural skincare lines. The cool thing is they tell you like online it's like however many percent naturals. But this is the kakadu plum overnight sleeping facial and why I picked it is because in Australia we source kakadu plum and kakadu plum is a Natural source of vitamin C which helps to brighten the complexion and help with hyperpigmentation But also protecting it from harmful environmental factors, but also it's an overnight sleeping facial Which I also love because with these overnight masks, like gel masks, or you know Like summer fridays you put it on you wake up in the morning and it's like nourished, hydrated, and soft So that's why I thought would try this. When I first opened it to try, it was like putty. (Ro: Come on!) Yeah, I just want to use you, but you won't let me use you. (Fel: Let's go) No, okay But once you get it in and actually get some of the texture it's very very smooth So I think what this has is a lot of textural enhances to give it that consistency But when you spread it, it's so smooth and I think with this texture what it does is act as a Really great occlusive to trap in all the moisture and all the products that you put in prior to this in your skin So it definitely does act as that. The good thing we found is that they have, like, for the brightening line there will be step one: cleansing, step two: toning or serum, step three: hydrate step four if there's a four so it's all very It's like accommodating for beginners. 

Yeah, it's very comprehensive So moving on to oils. We have an oil: this is the anti wrinkle treatment oil and this has both vitamin A and E so even though it says anti wrinkle, anyone with skin can use a facial oil and vitamin A is the Retinol and vitamin E is a naturally occurring chemical in our sebum So all of that acts to really protect the skin barrier This has also got safflower seed oil and safflower oil contains rich amounts of linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is especially great for oily skin because it acts as sebum to help moisturize the skin barrier which then encourages the skin to produce less sebum and fewer blocked pores slash inflammation, pimples Yeah, and I think for a long time people with oily combination skin were hesitant on using oils It basically tells the skin that okay, it's hydrated. You don't have to produce as much and so it won't be as oily It's not what one of those quick drying oils which sinks really quickly It's still like sitting there, you know, so with oils you can mix it in with your moisturizer You can use it before your moisturizer You can use after. It's kind of just however, I think you feel works best with your skin Yeah, and with the treatment oils, it's multi-purpose So you can use it on your skin, on your face Even on your hair. And with a lot of Derma-e oils they have a bunch of them You can even use it on your nail Like sometimes when I do too much nail polish and it gets really dry or like You know, I've like done too much with it. 

I will use this oil and just kind of work it into my nails Oh, another thing you can do is if you wear foundation You can mix a few drops of oil in to dilute it and give you that glow effect But if you already have oily skin, I would not recommend mmm, you know how muddles give that like glow? You can add oil into your foundation for that effect. So then last of all we have a hair product.

Yeah, because we Struggle to wash our hair everyday so dry shampoo is a must especially for me and actually I think I've almost used Every brand of dry shampoo in the drugstore like Tresemme, Dove, Garnier. Yeah, like I've gone through--Batiste--like all of them and personally I really do love the Dove ones because they're so inexpensive like $3 or $4. Or $5. Yeah, this is the volume and fullness dry shampoo, just to spritz up your life You know when it's oily and flat, you blast this into your hair and it gives like that fullness Which I probably need right now because it's hot in here Some of them leave more white residue than others. I feel like this is a little bit more fine so it's not like you can't like Can you see it? (Ro: No) yeah, so just make sure you really um, shake it before you apply And I love the smell of this. The smell is very important when it comes-- Because dry shampoos all smell so -- Both: STRONG. Because it's actually trying to help you mask you, so if it doesn't you won't feel refreshed, right? Some of the-- like, the one I used from Living Proof No one likes that. Everyone complains every time I use that At work, she just braised her hair with dry shampoo and everyone like "where's Fel, what is she doing now?" Yeah, this one's nice, I like it. I'm a firm believer in dry shampoo. So all in all, beauty is more about accentuating what you already have and what's already there Highlighting what you have. Yeah, what is your definition of beauty  put you on the spot Well when it comes to skincare you want to know what works for your skin Over the years I found that gentle actually works best. 

when you put your skin through too much and you're trying to like get rid of a pimple or get rid of something. It's actually pushing it too far and then it's over drying so a lot of these that we mentioned is very nourishing very hydrating and good for most skin types And I think for me, especially after learning about skin barriers and all the things that we've talking about and the components of what builds a healthy functioning skin barrier and all that You know, I'd even think of getting the CeraVe hydrating cleanser but when I saw it at Walmart, I was like Essential ceramides, hyaluronic acid, I'm gonna try this! This I think will be really good for me We highly recommend you try these two as well And if you are ever curious you can just look on the reviews because Those are people who've also tried and tested and maybe they have a closest skin type to something that you relate to One quick note for those asking for teenage skin care routines. I think this is a great place to start Let us know any of your questions below and we'll see you in the next blog Bye! 



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